White Petals Wordsearch! :-)

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I have been blessed with the most lovely gift ever!
A wonderful woman and reader of White Petals has written her review of the novel, and get this – created a word search in honour of my beloved characters!
Grateful is an understatement! I absolutely LOVE it! What a treat to have someone be so kind as to actually put the time and effort into doing something like this for you. When I realised what it was, and when I sat down to do the word search with my cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake, the whole thing literally brought a tear to my eye because I appreciated it so much.
It’s always great to have positive reviews from readers – a good review will boost your mood, any day of the week. But this one was particularly lovely for me, because it came when I was having a really difficult week, and it put the biggest smile on my face when I received it! Not many people are lucky enough to have a word search in honour of their novel!
Thank you so much to Sharon Howell of Caerphilly. I want you to know that your kind gesture really does mean a lot to me, and I will love this word search forever! 😀
Diolch, diolch, diolch!

Have a look at Sharon’s review. And if you fancy having a go of the word search, you can click on the image of the word search above, to download your copy and print at home.

Good luck!

Review and Word Search by Sharon Howell, Caerphilly.

White Petals – a novel by Maria Grace

‘When entering into the remarkable world created by the author, you cannot fail to empathize with the real-life characters you meet. Magical mayhem and a haunting mystery from the past mingles and blends into the day-to-day lives of ordinary people as they face everyday situations and challenges. You will be touched by the sensitive writing and want to capture part of this world and keep hold of it, to treasure it like a delicate rosebud held in the palm of your hand. Emmeline Rose is a star who could step out of the page onto the stage or silver screen. I look forward to seeing her there!’