White Petals

Emmeline’s life falls apart when her mother is sectioned in a psychiatric hospital, and Em is sent to live in a care home, with only her lucky cardigan for comfort.
Away from her sister and her family, Emmeline struggles as she learns to deal with her new-found psychic ability at the same time as trying to adjust to life in a children’s home. But it isn’t the horror story she feared, and she slowly starts to make friends.
It’s at school that Emmeline has her biggest problems, as the other pupils hear about her mother’s illness and she soon starts to get bullied. Why does Stacey Lock hate her so much?
Will Emmeline’s family ever be normal? And why is she haunted by visions of white petals? Has she inherited her grandmother’s second sight, or her mother’s delusions? Will she have to live with this ‘gift’ for the rest of her life, or is it just a side effect of puberty – like in The Exorcist? As everything changes, Emmeline will have to work out who she can really rely on.
White Petals is a refreshingly frank YA novel, filled with dry humour and lovable characters who will make you laugh and cringe as they quickly start to feel like friends.
The story deals with the difficult but normal issues that teenagers deal with in their everyday lives: family, friendships, school, the opposite sex, parents, grief, bullies and Facebook relationship statuses.
Above all, it reminds us that whoever you are and wherever you’re from, you can always make a difference.

“Funny, engaging, and a truly unputdownable read - I was hooked from page one!”

Beth Reekles Author of The Kissing Booth

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