When Firefly and I launched the competition to find illustrations for White Petals, we were very fortunate to receive such a fantastic, diverse mix of art work from all over the country.
On behalf of the publisher and myself, I would like to thank everyone who entered the White Petals illustration competition.
All the artists who entered the competition were greatly skilled, but alas, we could only pick 37 winning illustrations.
I would like to congratulate all the winners. You did a brilliant job!
I am thrilled with the illustrations that appear throughout this novel, heading the chapters with their eclectic talent and creativity.
Iโ€™m super proud to have your illustrations in my book, and I give my biggest thanks to the following White Petals artists for giving their time, effort and wonderful illustrations:

Chapter 1: Saima Ali

Chapter 2: Kristopher Ware

Chapter 3: Seren Fowler

Chapter 4: Aerun Edwards

Chapter 5: Morghann Linnett-Richardson

Chapter 6: Brandon Wangiel

Chapter 7: Lily Beer-Doblon

Chapter 8: Marion Williams

Chapter 9: Lauren Mogford

Chapter 10: Rachel Paige Cooper

Chapter 11: Lily Beer-Doblon

Chapter 12: Olivia Thorne

Chapter 13: Menna Prior-Smith

Chapter 14: Marion Williams

Chapter 15: Emily Davis

Chapter 16: Dylan Casey

Chapter 17: Petra Silva

Chapter 18: Morganne Iles

Chapter 19: Rachel Paige Cooper

Chapter 20: Rosie Phillips

Chapter 21: Steffan Jones

Chapter 22: Lucy Hunter

Chapter 23: Sam Evans-Equeall

Chapter 24: Aerun Edwards

Chapter 25: Jack Stocker

Chapter 26: Marion Williams

Chapter 27: Stella Marie Sheppard

Chapter 28: Petra Silva

Chapter 29: Sam Evans-Equeall

Chapter 30: Rosie Phillips

Chapter 31: Lowri Keane

Chapter 32: Bibiana Viazzani

Chapter 33: McCory Harris

Chapter 34: Lucy Buckland

Chapter 35: Brandon Wangiel

Chapter 36: Lily Beer-Doblon

Chapter 37: Charla Marie Grace