Winter Therapy ❄️🌹🍃🙏💫

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Today has been spent making herbal remedies for these cold Winter months. I’ve been to a great workshop, learning about oils, herbs, potions and lotions that can really make a difference to someone like myself, who suffers with low energy and colds during Winter.

I embrace every season, and try my best to flow with the gifts of nature, no matter the time of year. Winter, for me, is a time to retreat, go within, sit in the darkness, rest, heal and try and learn from the lessons that the season has to offer. It’s not always pleasant, though, and my immune system really takes a knock during this time, so self care is crucial.

The pictures show:

* Potion to boost mood and tantric energy with Damiana and Passion flower (mix with brandy to really bring out those herbal properties!)

Great in a cocktail or hot drink, to warm you up! 🔥

* Potion of Rose and Vodka to lift the spirits, boost loving energy and seretonin levels 😍

*Rosehip Syrup to help the immune system and soothe those coughs and colds.

*Body Rub made with natural beeswax, thyme, eucalyptus and peppermint, to help calm your mood, clear chests and fight off colds.

*Handmade Christmas Wreath (made by myself!), made with willow, moss, pine, eucalyptus, rosemary, holly, cinnamon sticks and clear quartz.

Looking forward to hanging this baby on my front door! 🙌 🙏😍

Thank you to Etta’s Botanica for running such a wonderful workshop! Etta has taught me a lot over the years – much of which gets stronger and better with integration and time, which I feel is a sign of a true guide and teacher. 🙏🔥💫🔮