My Work

Below are some examples of my most recent work.

White Petals

An unforgettable YA novel about friendship and family.
‘I wasn’t scared. When the thing you fear most happens, you can actually be quite brave.’
Emmeline has been trying to hold her family together since her dad died. Now her mum’s been sectioned, everyone’s split up and she has to live in a care home. Just for three months…

Walking the Path: The Next Natural Step

After completing the Path of Love intensive retreat in June this year, I was catapulted into a shiny new space of awareness and healing. Granted, I had about a hundred emotional crashes along the way, but that’s part of the process, isn’t it? This work we do.. | Path of Love: Boot Camp for the Soul!

After almost a decade of numerous health issues, different medications, operations and hospital treatments, my body was exhausted, my mind was depressed, and not even my family and close friends knew my true suffering, because I didn’t have the energy or words to explain what was happening to me, or the courage to reach out for help.