Magic in Avalon! 😀💫💍💕

By April 30, 2018 July 13th, 2018 My Life on a Plate, Uncategorized

So, for my birthday, my partner and I went to Glastonbury for a long weekend of sacred exploring, healing, relaxing and connecting. It was absolutely beautiful!
I have been called to visit Glastonbury and Ancient Avalon for a long time. There has been a real longing in my belly to go there and walk barefoot in the magical healing red springs of Chalice Well and the powerful white springs of the White Spring Temple. It’s been a dream of mine to pilgrim through this truly sacred place, climb the Glastonbury Tor (said to be the keeper and burial ground of the Holy Grail), visit the springs, the Abbey, and just bask in the natural and powerful beauty and connection that this lovely land offers.
I am so happy and grateful to be able to fulfil this dream, and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart, it was the greatest trip of my life so far. I just absolutely LOVED IT! I had the best birthday weekend EVER! 😍🙌

The most special thing about the trip was that it started off as a birthday trip, and ended up as an ENGAGEMENT trip!!! 😆💍 💜 🙌 YEEEEESSSSSSS!! I can’t tell you how passionate and excited I have felt about the entire adventure!
After 15 years of friendship, and two years of being together as adults, Gareth proposed in the perfect setting, in the perfect way, with the perfect words and the perfect ring.
It was intimate, natural and beautiful, and I absolutely LOVED it! 💕💕
Weโ€™re both over the moon, and Iโ€™m feeling so blessed and grateful to have such a wonderful man to walk my path with in life! 🙏💫💜