A New Heart for a New Year.

By January 1, 2015 July 22nd, 2016 My Life on a Plate
A new heart for a new year 2015 maria grace news

So, 2015 is upon us.
The start of a year is probably the most common time for us to sit and reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. This New Year’s Day is the first time in my life that I really feel comfortable with where I’ve been, where I am at this very moment and where I’m going in the future.
Everyone has a past. Everyone has a story. The trick, I suppose, is not to let your back-story dictate your life.
If you’re not happy with your story, stop telling it.
If you wish your story was different, then rewrite it.
I understand that you may not be able to erase events from the past, but you can choose to face up to the pain, let it take its natural course through your system and then simply . . . Let it go.
That’s my Frozen voice, by the way.
In the last year, I have realised that my past is what has brought me here to my present. If it wasn’t for all the previous experiences that I’ve had – good and bad – I wouldn’t be who I am today. And who I am today is exactly who I should be.
So, what happens next? What are my plans for this upcoming year? What’s the dream for 2015?
Firstly, I need to get my novel published and on the shelves! Eeeeeek! (Excited squeal).
Secondly, I need to actually sell it. (Covers face with fear).
Thirdly, I need to write something new.
Finally, I need to learn to breathe through all of this and give myself enough space and time to actually allow it all to happen.
This means having a clear mind, a rested body and an open heart.
In the words of Charles Dickens: “A new heart for a New Year, always.”
2015 had better be ready to welcome me with open arms, because I am definitely listening to Good Old Charles! I will be entering this New Year with a big, shiny, epic new heart! So, whatever the next year may bring – fun, scary, pretty or ugly – I will embrace it all.

Wish me luck! 😀

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