Seven Years of Uranus & Taurus!

I posted about this last year, as it started happening, but now, almost a year later (Taurus loves a slow transition!💜) Uranus has finally properly moved into Taurus with this month’s New Moon, and it will be staying in Taurus (ultimate Earth sign of the zodiac) for the next 7 years. 💫🙏🐂
For those who are particularly sensitive energetically (our house is really feeling it this past couple of weeks! ), I expect you will be feeling the discomfort and inner tension as these two get used to being each other’s house mates, because Uranus is a chaotic and changing energy, and Taurus is slow and steady and reeeally doesn’t like rushing!What does all this actually mean?! 😂

Basically, Uranus only moves into each sign every 84 years – because there are so many signs to get through, and it stays with each sign for 7 years, so it takes 84 years to go full circle and get back around to each one again!
When it ‘moves in’ with each sign, it really gets comfy with the qualities of that sign, and brings a lot of that sign’s energy to the planet during the 7 years that they live together.

An example of this would be how Uranus has just moved out of the feisty zodiac sign of Aries, where it has been for the last 7 years (because Aries is the sign that precedes Taurus).
Aries is a sign of the Self. It’s a selfish sign (not in a bad way!) and it likes to feel acknowledged, powerful and validated. So, it would make sense that during the last 7 years, when Uranus has been ‘living’ in the sign of Aries, the world has really seen the birth and rise of the Selfie!

If Uranus has now moved into Taurus, it means that the world will be naturally moving forward in a more earthy direction. We will see more awareness around subjects like animal rights, environmental issues, human rights, ways to help Mother Earth and all her creatures.
As Taurus is also very much connected to the home, food, the body, romance, sensuality, security and long-term planning, these next 7 years are the perfect time to really think about how happy you are with these areas of your life.
Start laying firm foundations and strong roots for long-term plans to do with your home, family, romantic relationships, healthier lifestyles (I suspect we will see a big increase in vegetarianism in the next 7 years), and financial security. If you consciously do this, you will be cosmically supported as Uranus and Taurus work together to help create a better, healthier, happier Earth. 🌏