17 Very Strange Coincidences

By March 26, 2015 July 22nd, 2016 Cool Stuff


My friend Danielle shared this article earlier on Facebook.
Always drawn to the mysterious and unexplained, I obviously read it.


Some of the coincidences on here are amazing! Not all of them are nice, of course. But some of them are really heartwarming. My favourites are number 4 with Mark Twain & Halley’s Comet, number 7 with the tomb of Tamerlane, number 9 with the murder case of the two women, number 13 with The Wizard of Oz story, and number 15 with the Anne Parrish story. The last two are my super favourites! I mean, how in the world could that jacket belong to the original author of The Wizard of Oz? And how is it possible that Anne Parrish picked up the exact same book that she had owned and read as a child?

Mind. Blown.

Isn’t it wonderful how there are so many coincidences and synchronicities around us every single day, without us even noticing? It makes everything feel … on purpose. Even though these coincidences are not always pleasant, it still shows me that nothing is pointless. Everything has a point. From the smallest grain of sand to the brightest start in the sky. Everything and everyone has a purpose, a plan, a destiny. And little stories like number 13 and 15 in this article … they boost my faith and trust in this majestic universe that we live in and are a part of.

The article is courtesy of www.sliptalk.com and I just had to share it because I found it really fascinating!

Have a read. You won’t regret it! ๐Ÿ™‚