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White Petals

January Sale! 🙌😄

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Firefly Press have some lovely books on offer in their January sale! Half-price juicy reads to start the year off in style! 🙌📖😍

My beautiful Emmeline and White Petals is in with the offer, so if you feel called to read a nitty-gritty valleys story, with bold, unapologetic, warm characters, then pick up a copy at www.fireflypress.co.uk

I mean, for half price, you may as well pick up a few! 😁🎉

Snuggle Up with White Petals!

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October is the perfect time to start reading White Petals, because it’s just the right month to start learning about the potential of your physical and energetic senses, the strength of your awareness, the power of story, and the magic that can happen when women stick together! 🔥💫💪💕

Autumn & Winter are the months White Petals. My characters love these seasons! 🍁💫❄️

So, if you want to snuggle up with voices that will bring you warmth, loyalty and humour, then White Petals is a lovely choice, even if I do say so myself!

You can buy it at:


Or head on over to Amazon:

Reviews Are Important!

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Thank you so much to this woman, for making the choice and taking the time and energy to read my lovely book, and letting me know that she liked it.

It’s so nice when someone lets you know that they have read and enjoyed your book. It genuinely does make a difference, I swear! 💜

This is why we need those good reviews – not just to encourage sales, but to also encourage heart to keep on writing.

Thank you to every single person who takes the time to let an author know that they enjoy and care about their work. It really does mean so much! 🙏 💜

Lovely Review! 🙏💜

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Weather has been really dull this week, and I’ve not been feeling too well, either.

I was sulking around the house this morning, drinking ginger and honey to try and boost my immune system a bit, and as I sat down to check my emails etc, I was uplifted by this lovely review…

“I’ve just finished White Petals, and I was so happy with the way it ended! 😀 There was a bit in the last couple of pages where Emmeline says about how human beings always try to explain everything in life, but sometimes we can’t really explain things, and we just have to accept them and have faith. She talks about all the ‘thousands of little synchronicities that we are mostly unaware of’, and that paragraph really struck me. I’ve been going through a bit of a tough time lately, and something about those words brought comfort to me.”

– Casey, 17

Casey’s words came at the right time for me, and just as the words in my book brought comfort to her, her words brought comfort to me. So, Casey, wherever you are, thank you! This was a little synchronicity that I needed today, and I’m very grateful to you! 🙏💜

Firefly YA Panel

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I really enjoyed the Firefly Press Day at Waterstones Cardiff.
It was so nice to be on the YA panel with such great authors! The kids seemed to love the children’s authors, and the YA panel got a full house of readers in the audience.
Thanks to everyone for making it such a good day! 🙌😀💜

Amazing Authors in August!

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I was asked to do an interview with The Book Activist for Amazing Authors in August.

I have to say, I absolutely loved it! There’s no better interview than a juicy or/and fun interview! I really like it when interviewers do something a bit different and put their own twist on the interview and the kind of questions they ask . It makes the interview fun and interesting for me to participate in, and I’m sure it makes for better reading for the audience.

So, thank you to The Book Activist for inviting me to be one of their Amazing Authors in August, and here’s the interview link below:

Introducing Maria Grace – Amazing Authors in August – The Book Activist Amazing Authors in August

Happy Reading! <3

Tir na n-Og Awards 2016

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The Welsh Books Council has announced the titles on the shortlist of the prestigious Tir na n-Og Awards for 2016. The awards celebrate a special 40th birthday this year and there is much excitement surrounding the announcement of the winning title.
Although White Petals didn’t make it onto the lovely list, I’m still chuffed because it made onto the Highly Commended list by the judging panel of 2016. I’m also chuffed that I’m on there with my brilliant Firefly teammate Eloise Williams and her wonderful children’s book Elen’s Island.

Have a look at the great list of books on the awards list, and there’s also a link to my interview with girlsheartbooks about the awards.

Congratulations to all! 😀

Welsh Books Council – Tir na n-Og Awards

girlsheartbooks interview with Maria Grace

Interview with MuggleNet

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I’ve just done a great interview with MuggleNet, and I have to say, it turned out a bit lovely!
The journalist – Lucy Aprahamian – was an utter professional, and I really enjoyed working with her. She asked some fab questions, as you will see if you click on the link to the interview (below). I love it when I get asked juicy questions; it makes the interview so much more interesting and fun!
As a Harry Potter fan myself, it was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed for MuggleNet. The whole thing has inspired me to go back through all seven books of the Harry Potter series again! So, while I get my Gryff on (yes, I did the test, and I definitely belong to Gryffindor! ), why don’t you have a read of the interview and see what you think? And after that, have a nose around the MuggleNet website – it’s a lot of fun! 🙂

Maria Grace – Interview with MuggleNet.

Interview with Books & Pontyclun

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I really enjoyed my visit to Books & Pontyclun bookshop. During my visit, I was asked if I would do a video interview with author Daniel Parsons, which I was very happy to do.
As a writer who’s used to being behind a screen, rather than in front of one, I find it weird to do video interviews. My brother Gav does it on a regular basis for IGN and he always seems really comfortable in front of the camera.
Me? I think I missed that screen-worthy gene because I find it really strange to talk to a monitor, instead of an actual person! Which is probably why I spent most of this interview looking at Dan, instead of the camera!
Either way, I don’t mind. I suppose if I’m interacting, then it doesn’t really matter if it’s with a person or a camera, as long as I’m communicating myself and my work effectively. It’s definitely something that I’d like to work on in the future, so I can hopefully one day be comfortable in front of a camera / screen / monitor, as well as behind it! But until then, I’ll just stay tucked up behind the screen and pages of my own stories. And why not? It’s a lovely place to be, after all!

Hope you enjoy watching 🙂

White Petals Wordsearch! :-)

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I have been blessed with the most lovely gift ever!
A wonderful woman and reader of White Petals has written her review of the novel, and get this – created a word search in honour of my beloved characters!
Grateful is an understatement! I absolutely LOVE it! What a treat to have someone be so kind as to actually put the time and effort into doing something like this for you. When I realised what it was, and when I sat down to do the word search with my cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake, the whole thing literally brought a tear to my eye because I appreciated it so much.

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WICID EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Brad Williams and Maria Grace

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A couple of weeks ago, a young journalist called Brad Williams got in touch with me to ask for an interview for WICID.
Rhys Milsom – the editor of WICID – is a university friend of mine, and has told me all about the great social and creative benefits that WICID provides for our local community and young people. Being a supporter of creative incentives, I was more than happy to take part in Brad’s first exclusive interview for WICID.

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The Curtis Brown Creative Summer Selection

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Pleased to see White Petals in the CBC Summer Selection! 🙂


In 2011, I was accepted as one of the fifteen students to join the inaugural Curtis Brown Creative novel-writing course. When I joined the course, I had completed the first 10,000 words of White Petals. During my time with CBC, I redrafted that initial 10,000 words to improve the story, strengthen the voice, structure the timeline and make the plot more dramatic.

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Wales Online Article

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Wales Online have put up a great article, highlighting the wonderful illustrations of all my lovely winning artists for White Petals.
When Firefly and I launched the competition to find illustrations for White Petals, we were very fortunate to receive such a fantastic, diverse mix of art work from all over the country.
On behalf of the publisher and myself, I would like to thank everyone who entered the White Petals illustration competition.
All the artists who entered the competition were greatly skilled, but alas, we could only pick 37 winning illustrations.
I would like to congratulate all the winners. You did a brilliant job! *virtual high-five* 🙂

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My First Official Review! :-)

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My first official review is in! Yay! 🙂
The review is by the lovely Beth Reekles – author of The Kissing Booth, Rolling Dice, Out of Tune, amongst other great reads.
I have to admit that I was a little nervous about getting my first review, but after reading it today, I’m really happy that Beth enjoyed White Petals.
Phew! That’s a weight lifted off my shoulders!

Everyone keeps telling me not to read the reviews, just in case they’re unpleasant. But I suppose there are always going to be some negative as well as positive reviews, aren’t there? I just hope that the majority of them are positive! *bites nails*
So, to anyone who reads my books: if you’re going to write a review, please be kind! I’m only just starting out in my career as an author, so I’m a bit like a budding rose at the moment – I’m growing nicely each day, but I still have some thorns. I suppose as with everything in life, we can either choose to make the most of the thorns, or we can choose to make the most of the roses!

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