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June 2018

Be Calm, Be Present 🙏💫😊

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Feeling very grateful today 🙏💕💫
Remembering to nurture myself by getting out in nature and breathing in that lovely solstice air ☀️ .
But before that, I’m sitting down for a much-needed rest moment.
The clock in the background has ‘Now’ written on it, instead of numbers, to remind me to stay present – which I’m doing as I admire my favourite flowers, drink my tea and read my book.

Connecting with Mother Nature 🙏🌿💜

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My favourite tree at Buckland Hall, Brecon.
This week, I had the honour of staffing there at a beautiful spiritual retreat, serving and supporting participants through their healing process.
While I was there, I made sure I had plenty of time to sit under this wonderful tree and soak up her lovely energy and nutrients as food for my soul. .
I visited her every day during my own healing process at Path of Love last year, and it really helped to ground me through the tough days.
Allow Mother Earth to hold you. Welcome Her nurturing. Connect with Her soul. Feel and express your appreciation and gratitude for Her love and for everything She provides us. And then take that love, and share it with the world in whatever way lights you up!

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