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March 2015

17 Very Strange Coincidences

By Cool Stuff


My friend Danielle shared this article earlier on Facebook.
Always drawn to the mysterious and unexplained, I obviously read it.


Some of the coincidences on here are amazing! Not all of them are nice, of course. But some of them are really heartwarming. My favourites are…

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World Book Day

World Book Day

By Cool Stuff, My Life on a Plate

It’s World Book Day.
This morning, I’ve seen nineteen Harry Potters, one Matilda, three Wimpy Kids, one Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, one Red Riding Hood, two Robin Hoods and some kind of sea creature that I couldn’t quite place.
Across the country, children everywhere will be dressing up in honour of their favourite book characters because today is a day to celebrate books, encourage reading and inspire young minds.
In today’s world, it’s hard to get kids to embrace reading and exercise their imaginations through books. With the glamour, pace and visual entertainment of films and video games, all the lovely books sometimes get neglected a little. So, when World Book Day comes around each year, it’s a chance for books to take centre stage.

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